Feeling Dumb


i have the task of informing the staff at the Void that it appears they are going to lose their domain name. the amount that i am looking forward to this, is like, not at all. This short tidbit will be followed up by a scathing tirade against DB Multimedia in the near future.

That’s not what i am feeling dumb though. That’s why i am feeling depressed yet indignant. I have been studying to take the GREs (?) and the vocabulary is killing me. I thought i had a pretty good grab-bag of fifty cent words, but, alas, apparently i don’t. Sitting there trying to define “qualms” was not one of the highlights of my life…i mean, i know what the word means, but to define it? There are a lot words like that actually – never questioned in a sentence, but not definable. Did you know that enervate means to reduce in vitality? This is one of those rare occurences where the French word trips you up.

I didn’t do as badly on the math section of the first practice GRE as i had expected. I bombed the verbal section though, mostly because i didn’t realize i was supposed to be choosing the antonym, not the synonym (you can laugh all you want). I still got a 410, which is average for people applying in business. I guess that’s a good sign…maybe. I think my math score was  somewhere around 430, which is definitely improvable because i had forgotten all the vocabularly. This thing is costing me a fortune though. $150 some odd dollars for the test, $27 for the “Cracking it” book and another $8 for a used copy of seven old print versions (being shipped from thriftbooks.com whom will be approached to advertise in the Void – multitasking!).

Okay. i am sitting at reception all day, bored out off my wazoo, without MSN, listening to Jazz and surfing the internet when i should be working on the GRE. Fun stuff.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Dumb

  1. Don’t feel too bad about the vocabulary part. Look at it this way: apparently, the average college or university graduate will have a speaking vocabulary of only 8 000 words. That means that after three or four years of studying, writing, reading, etc., we will only have to capacity to store and easily access 8 000 words from our memory.

    Your average supermarket has about 10 000 brand names on display. This means that after spending all that time (not to mention money) going to university, most of us will still be 2 000 words down!

    Fun to know,isn’t it?

  2. 410! I’m scared now.

    My grad school interests ask for 700.

    *Fear and trembling*

    And I have NO idea how to define “qualms” either. Guess I should start walking around with a dictionary.

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