after the meeting


we are going to switch to once i get the go ahead from mochahost. i WILL write that scathing trashing of DB Multimedia. Mofos.
I am playing with the idea of submitting my own creative writing to the next issue (it’s a secret…but i’ll spill the beans…Murphy’s Law (no wonder i am having so many problems with the webhosting)). I was thinking about the sleeping pose post and realized that how people wake up is even more interesting…and that getting up on the wrong side of the bed is one of those little things that happens on days when it most shouldn’t. now, i can’t decide if this should be a creative writing piece i kill myself over or whether i should write the idea up as a quiz/meme to increase web traffic. I was wondering what you thought. A little write-up of the problem and then ten different positions you can wake up in and how they spell disaster for your day vs. a quiz of how you wake up in the morning and what it reveals in regards to your relationship with the universe. Which has more promise? Which has more use?
I am also worrying that no one will volunteer to write online content…i mean, it has a limited readership compared to the print version…will i be stuck forcing all to suffer my horrendous grammar…don’t i do enough of that to y’all here?
Lastly, i know some of you are Concordia students…we are desperately in need of a layout person, a copy editor and a PR person. none of these jobs would have to solely your responsibility; we all share and help out. if you are interested or know someone who is, pls let them know. there will be a submission call in the near future and i will be forwarding it across departments…all work welcome that fits within the theme. editors are willing to work with someone to help develop a story if need be. so start thinking ahead of time!


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