Poem of the Week #2


i'm never really sure what to do with poems in translation – that's part of this exercise. I spent the majority of the day yesterday cleaning house, acquiring vocab for the GREs and looking up wordpress themes adaptable to the VOID's needs. I think i found one.
— when the boats of their senses' beat
against the ever-swelling cliff
of a fragrance that's sti1l open
to fantastic beasts
and plants that
shot through with fear
between the sea's blue and the blue of the sky
are a sheer metaphor —
sometimes desire flames up in people so high
that they tackle the flimsy boat
and take to sea
the wind plays a delusion in the sails
an old delusion that lies
in a slump beyond the horizon
till the wind has blown the hull to bits
and from the pieces wafts the wine of the delusion
this old delusion
None knows the SOS beyond the senses' horizon
and that at the bottoms of our souls there are antennae
that pick up only the vibrations
from beyond
Sometimes the urge will force the dream into a shape
and the body turns to dream
© Translation: 1982, James Holmes
I just really like the metaphor being worked on. The poet wrote in Dutch. I am not sure of the link between the title and the content, if someone has an idea, i would be happy to hear it. I like how it opens with a "sometimes" and then never finishes that clause…it feels like "wafts of the wine of the delusion."
I think i'll return to my peach pie now.


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