if you were a superhero…who would you be? i think that i would be “ultimate disclosure girl.” What would by super powers be? Despite the obvious super-sonic scream (which i have already), i think i would have the ability to embarass the person to death by sharing both their own and my secrets with the entire world in the most nonchalant manner. I am unable to keep a secret about myself, probably why i find blogging so incredibly natural. If you are going to share an intimate tidbit with me that you feel shouldn’t become public knowledge should the topic arise in another conversation i am in, it is definitely worth your while to alert me of that point. I don’t really consider myself anyone’s “confidante” so i tend to presume that a whole bunch of your other friends already know about it and forget its an intimate detail unless expressly told it is.
Yesterday i didn’t post because i was being a superhero. My friend Isabelle is breaking up with her boyfriend. The guy is an ass, but she’s been living with him for the past year, so moving out is a pain. And they’ve been together for the past three years, so his “ass” status wasn’t clear to her until recently. Now, this next part is a secret, so don’t go blabbing. She doesn’t want people to think badly of her because of it, but i think this tidbit just goes to show that she is a very kind, forgiving person and, unfortunately, kind, forgiving people get used, abused and lied to in life, even by those they love. anyways, onwards to the story.
Last Saturday they had a fight over paying the hydro bill. his videotron has been disconnected and his hydro previously because he is delinquent in paying his bills. so, he got a final notice for his hydro. she was upset. he said that life is too short to be worrying about things like this and depriving one’s self of fun, like eating out at restaurants (he’s 29! grow up fuck!) and that if she didn’t like it she could get the fuck out. this was said in a rage, but she decided that she would, get out i mean. well, yesterday we were picking up boxes and she was worrying that it was a bad decision, that she was acting irrationally, etc. then we got back to their place, and the electricity had been off. He had lied to her that he would pay it before the date of the cut-off! So, i managed to get her to pack, through the tears and the screaming, kept telling her she was making the right decision (obviously! he had the money to pay, why had he waited until the last minute? Who plays mind games with hydro? no one wins against the government!) and brought her here. i slept on the floor, was awakened at 5:30 when she got up to go to work at La Ronde, and have a lot of her personal food in our fridge downstairs. What a nightmare! Makes Steve look good.
So, sorry to all those i forgot to call last night. I was otherwise occupied. I hope you can forgive me, but i was needed elsewhere. Lisa, i’m sorry i’m out of town right now. i’ll call Sunday when i get in…would you like to plan something with me for next summer? Russia? we could learn the language together?


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