sleeping (the how and the why)


I admitted to Dylan last week that i sleep in a twin-size bed, yet i have a body pillow because i can't cope with the empty space lying next to me. Usually my cat sleeps on my pillow and nestles into the hair on the crown of my head. I've been finding it difficult to sleep this past little while. Worried about being alone, the new responsibilities i have acquired to fill my free-time and my body chemistry going crazy have provided me with many a sleepless night. inevitably, the one day i would really like to sleep in because i am dead to the world is also one of the two days in a week that i work and have to get up before 6:30am. I finally figured out what a meme is. I decided to participate in this one on a whim, and the description it gave of me was eerily true and made me sad because i don't think i'll be sleeping next to anyone other than Booey for the next little while. It was just AWKWARD walking around rambling into thin air while eating ice cream yesterday. I mean, after six-and-a-half years, how could it be so very awkward. For those of you who care, he still doesn't think he has a problem. Alas, he will never grow up and we will never reconcile despite my feeling like my arm has been cut off. i provide you with the description of those of us who sleep as a colon (which is such a nasty word for this stupid-quiz. could they pick a less appealing body part? well, yes, they could, but it would be vulgar):The Colon is the chosen pose of individuals who, on their own, seem awkward or remote. They may be the sort who responds to telephone messages with email, or spends their lunchtimes quietly pedometer-walking in lieu of socializing with coworkers. But when a Colonist finds its mate, together they acquire a grace and ease that surprises friends and family. Since Colonists rely so heavily on their partners to give them context and spark, the times when business or family obligations take one of them away from home can leave both sleepers demoralized. To temporarily fill the void, swap in a large, carnival-sized stuffed animal, making sure to keep candles, space heaters, or other combustibles well away from the bedside. I am a colon!

One thought on “sleeping (the how and the why)

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought of the punctuation mark and not the body part.

    This quiz is pretty confusing … what “equipment” are they talking about renting? What do they mean by “erring” in terms of food? …

    I appear to be an Excalibur. I have no idea how accurate that is.

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