Poem of the Week #1


Steve and I went out for ice cream. The results of this get-together are still being processed.

I signed up to Poetry International‘s poem of the week mailing list. I don’t imagine its a copyright infringement to further share the poem with you folks. i am not completed decided on it either, one of the reasons i like it actually, because it fits with my larger state of indecision, but i do have a few comments to share.
A crocodile-cloud swallowed a cloud-cloud.
Everything’s clogged
and where has the war gone?
The pier is painted yellow and red
and ‘TEL AVIV’ is written on it.
The drums of the deep don’t care.
Slowly, dark forms in the sky
go mad. A wrestling ring, endless,
in slow-motion.
A crane erect over the Super-
Hilton. And where’s the war gone?
A crocodile-cloud swallowed a cloud-cloud.
Where has the war gone? Up in the depths
soft she-clouds and planes make love.
Air fills the lungs with laughter
and sharp salt.
The sun is a faded photo.
Shore birds peck greyly at the sand.
The muscles of the sea groan.
A solitary woman in a nylon
scarf. What is she,
against a thunderstorm?
The trampoline is orange, too.
An old woman, her lips trying:
he was such an angel
he was such an angel
Translated by Alexandra Meiri, (c) 2006
* Winter ’74 followed the October (Yom Kippur) War.
I really like the first line. The juxtapositioning of a crocodile-cloud to a cloud-cloud. it rings true of speech patterns. i also like the idea of a bird “greyly” pecking. Reminds me some of Emily Dickinson’s work. I also like how the greyly is contrasted with the very bright colours, yellow, red and orange, named in the poem. Care to share your thoughts?


One thought on “Poem of the Week #1

  1. are the results going to be posted for readers? I am bad at analyzing poetry..so i won’t. Talk to you soon.

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