getting around to it


i cancelled ice cream with Steve to spend time with my friend Isa who is in the process of breaking up with the boyfriend she lives with. she is at my house copying out notes from her first couple of days working at La Ronde in accounting.
Lisa babysat me last night. We watched Dead Like Me, which i like very much and will be watching more of once i drive Isa home.
I finally got around to reading up on The Void‘s Featured Artist. On her website is a link to Found Magazine. This website sells the issues of cool stuff found by readers, like photographs, love notes and dear jon letters. If you have a moment, it is worth checking out.
I might garden tomorrow, not sure. the rockery is a god-awful mess, but my nails are too long to really clean it up yet. I didn’t read another book today. Bad me. Maybe i will be able to finish A Winter’s Tale tomorrow.


One thought on “getting around to it

  1. I _love_ Dead Like Me – to the point where I actually bought both seasons on DVD. Although I’ve yet to sit down and watch them all.

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