i wanted it to be poetry


about a week ago, i was reading a librarian/poet's blog (here) and he, Glenn, the author/writer/blogger, had come up with an interesting idea for a post that i had intended to save for a day when i really wanted to post something pseudo-creative, but had no real inspiration. The idea was as follows: find a random poem on the internet, post it, critique it. Yes, exciting i know, but when you consider my past couple of posts, you know this would have been an improvement. Can you imagine that this was next to impossible when i attempted it on Monday in the afternoon (when i should have been studying for my last exam). If you search "Poetry Contest" in Google, you get a lot of scams. There are contests that either cost exorbant amounts to enter and contests where the necessarily purchased anthology of entries is astronomically priced and the "winners" are obviously ten-year old children who can barely spell. I mean, hell, this blog has better writing and i don't even proofread the sucker! I even tried "short-story contests" because, to be honest, i prefer the short story to the poem in most cases. No better luck. Reading the search results, however, i was reminded of an incident from when i was much more naive and optimistic about my own talents. I had searched this once before, when i first got the internet at home way back when in December 1998. I distinctly remember humming and hawing over whether or not to submit one of my "masterpieces" to the International Poetry Competition and pay the 47$ for my copy of the anthology. I don't remember how my parents convinced me it was a bad idea without hurting my feelings, but they did. Thank the Lord. Would i ever be ashamed to own that piece of junk now. As far as scams go, i think this is one of the crueler ones. Feeding on adolescents' desires to be creative and make a difference. I'm happy i wasn't caught. I'm cynical enough already, thank you very much. I will write on a poem actually found in one of the "real" contests in the future (i'm thinking a HAIKU), but i thought i would share my dissatisfaction with people instead. It's more like me anyways, isn't it? A good resource for more information on these scams is Poets.ca.

One thought on “i wanted it to be poetry

  1. Hello. I never knew there was so many problems with poets big and small. I was offended you hadnt read my blog, which is a gem…but then i saw the time this was posted at….anyways it would have been a good anthology to laugh at though.

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