Sleep (please!)


I finally caught up on some much needed sleep last night. Thank God. i should be starting to feel better and get over my obnoxious behaviour very quickly as i have an exam Tuesday that i still haven’t studied for. It was nice seeing Veronica…a walk down memory lane in many respects. Seeing old friends, chatting about others, and looking through the yearbooks.
Though i don’t imagine either of the boys from Friday night will ever chance upon this, nonetheless, i thought i would share a recent insight from one of my more debauched moments: the key to comedy (according to the Wheatleys) is not timing, but repetition. if you say it enough it becomes funny because it also gets associated with all the other times it been said equally awkwardly. For example “Don’ Give” or, my favourite “Lisa’s on antibiotics” (sorry doll, you said this just one too many times in an evening and it got etched into my very tired, very guilt-ridden brain). It was nice to act crassly. Hopefully i will move on now. grow up. act like my normal prudish self and stop reliving thursday night evertime i fall asleep.

2 thoughts on “Sleep (please!)

  1. Ere such a soul regains its peaceful state,
    How often must it love, how often hate!
    How often hope, despair, resent, regret,
    Conceal, disdain – do all things but forget.

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