hot summer days


When i was about a kid, my Dad worked from the house. He was trying to start up a collection agency. Money was very tight because only my Mum was making any money, so we didn’t have a pool in the backyard or a summer vacation planned. However, my parents had seen a deal in a local newspaper whereby a family could purchase a season’s pass to the local hotel’s inground pool for a very reasonable price (i think it was something like $60, i don’t remember). My Dad used to walk over with my brother and i during the lunch hours when he couldn’t make the cold calls he spent the rest of his summer days doing. One day was particularly hot. I remember when we were walking home you could feel the heat radiating back at you from the grey concrete. I also remember how uncomfortable my wet bathing suit was under my shorts, which i guess were too tight because none of my clothes ever fit back then. When we arrived home we went into the backyard and, lo and behold, a raccoon, and not a baby, had climbed into the huge maple tree just outside my window to hide in the shade from the summer heat. We turned on the sprinkler, hoping he would dare come over for some water. the poor thing looked terrified of the contraption, so we left him alone. he stayed up there for a while, i know because i kept checking out the window in my room, but eventually his little nook had been vacated and the raccoon was nowhere to be found.
This was a horribly exciting story when i was younger. A raccoon in our backyard! Our tree! Last summer, a raccoon snuck into the house through the window we leave open for the cats at night. he was sitting on the kitchen table when my mom turned on the light at 2am. We don’t leave the window open anymore. we are too afraid for our cats.
Seeing the above picture on Broken Images, All Alike, one of the most well-written and beautiful blogs i have encountered thus far(written by a Canadian) reminded me of the incident from a summer long ago. I hope you don’t mind too much my sharing it. Visit his site if you get a chance. This isn’t the best of the pictures, but it meant the most to me.

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