ode to the metropolis just down the way


I didn’t take this picture. i stole it off of someone’s old travel log. i am sorry whoever you are, but there was no way for me to check your copyright, name or location because there was nothing but pictures of montreal on your site. no links to the homepage. nothing. i am ever so sorry.
onwards to why this picture is here. on friday Steve and i went up to the mountain to talk about our possible reconciliation. for those of you who care, this spun into a very nasty fight, then we managed to talk again and then i spent the rest of the week-end thinking we might be able to work our differences out. apparently, i misunderstood a key aspect of our conversation friday. we are not together. this is very hard because i had thought we might be and we had actually spent a good two hours together…it was sweet, surreal and awkwardly funny. alas, it could not last.
ok. so… while i was on mt. royal, staring down at the the skyline from on high, i again was confronted with the realization that montealers aren’t half as proud of our little nature retreat as we should be. central park smentral park. i like my mountain. and i like my city. i am not the only one:
i starting reading my current issue of The Walrus (Vol. 3, Issue 4) and came across Daniel Singer’s article “Bombs Away!” I am going to excerpt two very poignant bits from the first section as they summarize my own thoughts very nicely.

My Canada includes Quebec, the earnest federalist saying goes. Okay. Sure thing. But only as long as my Montreal still gets to include the bald barber, the drunk accountant, the tranny taxi driver, and the Hassidic guy slipping into the strip bar mid-afternoon. These are the characters who give the city character, who help differentiate it from the Mr. Muffler sprawl that has washed over the rest of the continent and that laps at the island’s very shores….Maybe it’s the absence of fluoride in the water or the fact that everyone can lay claim to being part of a persecuted minority, but what might lead to scowls and dirty looks elsewhere — perhaps harsh words and a slashed tire if things got really ugly — ends with bombs and Molotov cocktails in Montreal. Read the Rest?

Montrealers are serious. Serious about politics, grudges, partying, friends, living, dying and culture. i feel safe walking down most streets, not because i don’t think something bad could happen, because i know it could, but because i truly believe that if i needed help, it would be there, even from a total stranger. i may want desperately to go away, but i know i will also want to return.
To find about more about Daniel Singer, pls click here.


3 thoughts on “ode to the metropolis just down the way

  1. Hello. I haven’t spoken to you in a few days. I am looking forward to seeing you and the mountain…but mostly the atmosphere. Hope you are okay. I miss ya

  2. I so agree with you. I’m in love with my city, and I just love it. I like to walk a lot on the mountain and in the city in general. It’s just a gorgeous, multicultural place!
    I should bring you to one of my long walk one day.

  3. My sentiments exactly. I even ranted about it in my blog.

    I love this city, and the mountain overlooking it. I love the old port, the festivals in the summer, the partying, the bars, the diversity of its people and even the city’s little imperfections.

    Coming back from Niagara Falls and Toronto this weekend, I realized just how much I miss Montreal. Well, you get the idea.

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