peer review


until this past year, i have always found the peer review process pretty useless. if i wanted someone to argue with me about whether the last item in a list requires a comma before it or whether one needs to include an apostrophe “s” after all plurals, even those which the singular form ends in a “s” itself – rather than just an apostrophe, i would refer to my trusty “Little, Brown” Grammar. I think i end up doing a pretty good job of copy editing my own work when i take the trouble. what i have always wanted was someone who was pretty smart but knew nothing about the subject i was writing on (and this NEVER happened before in a class because we were always writing on the same class-covered subjects) who could read over the more obtuse sections of my drafts and say specifically “this isn’t clear,” “this paragraph is too long,” or even “maybe you should present these two ideas in a different order.” My wishes have finally come true.
Yes folks, it has taken me until my third year of University to finally find people who were (a) willing (and i always return the service) and (b) capable of such editing styles. There is nothing like seeing a peer write “expand” next to an idea. it may be criticism, but damn it’s constructive. Someone saying that they thought an idea you cursorily(?) presented could use more coverage means a lot.
In other words, i have finally gotten the concept of peer-review – at 21.

I was really tired of the antiquish theme. at first i liked it, but the pretensiousness was starting to get to me and i was surfing yesterday, reading people’s blogs that are much more well-written than my own; i couldn’t take it anymore. out with the pomp, in the simple flowers. if only they were in orange. i am also looking into hosting services. some are very inexpensive, though i am antsy about another location change so soon.


2 thoughts on “peer review

  1. You have a find in the person who is knowledgable and who will be frank with you about your writing. As you so capably point out, such a critter is hard to come by–or should I say–to come by such a critter is hard–thereby avoiding the dreaded end of sentence preposition. 🙂

    Thanks for the post. Enjoyed it.



  2. i was surfing yesterday, reading people’s blogs that are much more well-written than my own

    I can only assume mine isn’t one of them. I’ve read my writing lately. I could probably train a monkey to take over for me. 🙂

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