sex? online? about time!


i was reading the article by Peter Svenson in today’s Gazette entitled “world of lovecraft.” It piqued my interest in one of the craziest online game scenarios i have ever seen. check out Naughty America: The Game for more info into this everquest-like-world of sexual encounters.
on another note, i was informed on thursday evening via email that i will be the web editor for the Void for the upcoming year. yes, i am worried, yes i am going to be doing a lot of research over the summer. in commemoration of this new post, which i do not have time to look into too much right now because of yet another pesky paper, i have added a new category: tech. it will include all blog, software and web-editor related stuff. hopefully there will be stuff in it in the near future while i hone some little-used skills. wish me luck!

3 thoughts on “sex? online? about time!

  1. Congrats Heather, that’s wonderful:) I knew you’d get it.

    On the note of Lovecraft, can you say creepy? It’s odd, so much in our society loves to run away from reality, especially in those activities that center around universal experiences; love, sex, death, birth, etc… Why is this? A fear of universality, an acknolwedgment of it that we can’t really bare to face? A lack of particularity from within so a desire to create it from without? Maybe….

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