i am an ass


yesterday during the grad application seminar (god help me, where am i going to go, how am i going to find the time to apply, and who am i going to have to sell my body to for the money?) i made a stupid smart ass remark to a very nice professor who was leading the seminar. Note that she was giving the help on these cumbersome procedures out of the kindness of her heart.
She was instilling “the fear of God” in us with a lecture about how all the deadlines are the same day and you really need to be organized and plan in advance to avoid emergencies. Well, she then said that she didn’t have enough photocopies for everyone because the photocopier upstairs is broken. Yeah, i made the smart-ass remark that “that isn’t very organized and prepared is it?” yup, because applying to grad school and doing some volunteer-advising are even remotely comparable numbskull. besides the fact that professor Streip is VERY professional, keeps her appointments, answers her students queries and, in other words, is a remarkable professor. Please hit me.
So, i am torturing myself by posting my apology letter for the whole world to see.

Dear Professor Streip,
I am ever so sorry for my inappropriate remark yesterday during the grad application seminar. It is too kind of you to help us undergo the arduous project. The comment was not meant as a reflection on your professionalism, which I am sure all your students, as well as myself, are well aware is beyond reproach, but rather as a what should have remained an internal assessment of the irony of the situation.
I find myself being a jackass a lot lately, not that this seems to help me keep my mouth under control. I am very sorry to have shown you just how unprofessional I can be.
Please don’t think that I don’t think highly of you and that I didn’t appreciate your hard work and thoughtfulness during the seminar. I hope this doesn’t reaffirm your statement last semester that the students at the LAC seem to take the professors for granted. I believe your comment was that they acted as if a lecture was a movie? If anything I got over-involved.
Rambling is not going to lessen the obnoxiousness of my behaviour, but nonetheless, I needed to apologize. I was out of line and know it. I will make every effort I can to refrain from such actions in the future.
Heather Stein


2 thoughts on “i am an ass

  1. oh Heather (and not in the ‘oh Ilya’ voice),

    Don’t beat yourself up over your (admittedly quite awkward) comment. Streip can be pretty odd and awkard herself, and I’m pretty sure she took it as a particularly ill-conceived joke attempt. And I’m sure she’d be happy to know that you think so highly of her… so don’t stress about it.

    And I’m happy you enjoyed Goodnight Desdemona (and that you appreciated the hard work that quick costume changes really are)

    I look forward to seeing you Thursday!

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