need a topic


even though wordpress was down all day yesterday, i did not manage to come up with an interesting blog post. very sorry. i know that my recent entries have been particularly boring and tedious, but my life is the shits right now and i am not thinking about much of anything except this paper (11 pages in 11 hours left to write) and my impending break-up for good with Steve. Suffice to say, i called him and he gave me no indication of actually planning on making the change in his life that would be necessary for me to feel there was any glimmer of hope on that side of the horizon.
ok. big thanks to all my friends who have been so great these past couple of days: Veronica (i am so sorry i wasn’t a better friend to you when you were going through this; the guilt is killing me), Lisa (I know you’re doing your best darling), Ilya (I never expected such support), Tim, Eric, Skrud (thanks for giving me something to plan about in the future) and many others who have listened to me ramble non-stop about something neither i nor they could control.
ok. now, since i need some real content…i am going to rip off my OED Word of the Day Entry, just because it’s a great word and even describes this entry!
maunder, n.2 DRAFT REVISION Mar. 2001 Now rare: Idle, incoherent, or rambling talk or writing; an instance of this.
Hopefully no maunder will sneak its way into my paper! I need no fluff. i need facts, ideas, synthesize and BRILLIANCE! shine baby shine.

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