i am not afraid of spiders. i think they are pretty awesome actually, but in the past two years there have been a couple of incidents that creeped even me, salamander owner and reptile-lover extraordinaire, out.
this morning, when i was making my bed, i discovered a medium-size black spider (the kind that live under your floor boards, but not the grey-ish ones. he was black as black can be. oh no, i just gave away the end of the story with my tense choice. damnation.) in my sheets. i sat there watching him scramble to make it over the edge and under my fitted sheet, but i just could not stomach the idea of sleeping with a spider under me; he is dead. sorry spider. normally i would have saved you with a paper and a glass, but it isn’t very nice outside and i had just gotten up.
about two (maybe three, who knows?) years ago, my brother decided to not kill or remove from the premises a HUGE (the size of the circle my finger and thumb can make) spider in the basement. said spider promptly decided to spin a web from the ceiling light fixture across to a bookshelf. my brother hates moths and they come zooming in the window we left open for the cats (we had a racoon on the kitchen table one morning so that plan was scrapped) all night directly onto his computer screen. this web caught said moths. i do not spend much time in the basement. my brother monopolizes the computer and we don’t have good cable, so i spend most of my time in my room – not to be anti-social but because books are better company. i came face to face with the largest spider web i have ever encountered, filled with balls of moths “saved” for later snacking, and the prettiest wild spider – all red speckled – ever. now, i like bugs and creepy crawly things. walking face-first into something of that nature is not a highlight of my life though. my brother REFUSED to put the spider outside because it was too cold (it was, it was winter) and the spider had been serving him loyally for the past 10 months or so. needless to say i freaked out. the minute my mom saw it, well, that was it, spider was gone. i don’t know what exactly happened, i couldn’t watch (he was pretty after all), but there are no more spiders as pets.
ok. long rambling post over. next on the checklist…finish reading the articles i fell asleep with at 9:15 last night. then outline essay. then insert appropriate quotes into outline so i may begin writing tomorrow. then two days for writing, one lunch hour for editing, and handing in 2 hours late on tuesday. let’s get this show on the road.


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