grammatically incorrect


it has been brought to my attention that this blog is full of typos. i was aware of the situation beforehand, but unaware that anyone could ever care. now, i don’t proofread my work because i enjoy the “stream of conciousness” feel, but if it is distracting to some of my loyal followers, i would be happy to mend my sloppy ways.
so, my question for you would be: do you find the obvious spontaneity of these posts make up for the syntax errors, misused punctuation marks and occasional spelling mistakes?
on another note: this afternoon’s interview with the staff of the Void was traumatizing. i had to discuss my more general writing capabilities, and as i won’t submit this webpage’s link to their “BLOGS” section, i quite clearly think they outshine me. i rambled as usual, presented some ideas for changes during the upcoming year and otherwise made a general ass of my self. i should have brought my laptop so i could show them this – though it in no way represents my html capabilities as i am using one of the generic templates for lack of time and preferring wordpress to blogger.
i must get back to paper writing. i really feel like calling Steve this afternoon, but i do not want to give in to the temptation so soon. i miss him.


3 thoughts on “grammatically incorrect

  1. hello. i notice the typos sometimes but it is a blog and it in my opinion should remain like yourself which is not perfect but so so Good luck on this paper…i’ll give you a call this weekend if you let me know when you are going to be around.

  2. Renaissance bells,Renaissance bells, Renaissance all the way! Oh what fun it is to swear at Petrarch-ey, HEY!

    Gluck Heather, the typos are fine, dont worry so much about the void. They’re ok writers but many of them are pretty damned pretentious and actually far too postmodern for my tastes. You’ve got a wonderful heart and a wonderful creative mind, which is more than I’d say for many of their writers, although I love them, those ain’t too much their talents (with the exception of a few).

    Have fun with Petrarch, and remember, if I can hand in a paper on Legal size, maybe you could hand in one on bristol boards šŸ™‚ You’ll be fine, gluck.

  3. The *only* think that bothers me is that you only but a single line break after a paragraph instead of two. It makes the text look all jumbly and denser than it really is.

    But ultimately, that’s your style. Some of the blog’s charm would probably be diminshed if you spent time worrying about spacing and grammar.

    Just keep writing however you feel šŸ™‚

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