at the crossroads: a review


Friday night Steve and I went to the Concordia theatre department’s last show of the year. First we went to Three Amigos of course and had a pitcher of sangria with our food. yum.
I thought the show got off to a bit of a rocky start. I had never actually seen a production of a Greek trajedy performed before and i found the opening chant/chorus bit rather shocking. it was not what i expected and the “forced” quality of it continued for another 30 minutes (right through the beautifully written scene between Antigone and Ismine when the former is trying to convince the latter to help her bury their brother, unfortunately). The actors seemed to calm down after and it became more natural. Ismine was great. I also thought Vance, whom i was in a production of Hair in CEGEP with, was also great as Creon. Antigone plateaued rather early in almost all her monologues, which i realize is a common error and must be particularly trying in a play like Antigone where she is so passionate the entire time. What this became, however, was me being with her for the first ten minutes of these climatic speeches and then drifting out during the last five because she sounded very much the same.
I did not understand why the messenger scene was funny. that particular actress did a similar bit in Henry IV Part One which i thought was equally gratuitous.
Ok. if the actors read this they are going to think it was a bad performance, which it wasn’t. There were some very convincing montages, a great set, nice lighting (Cara), and some very good acting. i just expected more from the same group of people who had put on Henry IV. And, sadly, it was not the best theatre production to bring Steve too. I couldn’t explain the chorus-concept to him before the show because my French was lacking due to the alcohol. he didn’t follow very much anyways, so i think it was a pretty bad experience for him overall. Maybe we will go to a Michel Tremblay over the summer to show him how great the theatre can be.
Lastly, sitting there next to him, i felt confirmed in my assertion that as a group, the men walking around in our university have very effeminate body-types. Even the obviously straight ones. Weird. i now know why i flirt with the same people all the time – because their shoulders are wider than my hips. Who would have thought?

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