after contemplating methods of killing myself that would be construed as accidents on the metro yesterday morning, i decided i was fat. in a crazy mood that only a woman would succumb to, i decided that if i cut all my hair off i would feel lighter. my hair is now so short that i cannot put it in a ponytail. lovely.

i then proceeded to spend the rest of the day at school playing video games in the lounge and making crass sexual jokes with the guys in my area. yup. it was a self-destructive day. my mom and i went out for chinese food and when i got home i felt like a blimp again, but i think this was more MSG related. i feel asleep at 9:00 after translating two pages of Latin for my appt. with Dr. McSheffrey this afternoon, was rudely awakened by my brother and Dad coming home at 9:30 and couldn't fall back asleep until 10pm.

i guess i am feeling better today. not entirely sure. i have an okay lunch though, last night's leftovers, and hopefully i will be the winner of the Random Award Prize at today's coffee hour. i can dream can't i?

oh yeah, and my Dad thinks i shouldn't find a job for the weeks i haven't found office work. he thinks i need a break. he might be right. i need money too though.


3 thoughts on “self-destruction

  1. Okay… what the hell!!!! You’re contemplating killing yourself and you cut your hair because you felt fat!!!! Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Okay I think I’m prescribing you chill time. We can try marathoning pride and prejudice again. What are you up to saturday night. I mean I’m super busy. But damn…. you need a couple of hours of not school/general wacky time.

  2. well heather, depsite the fact that you still haven’t answered my question about who to call at bell canada so that i do not have to pay an activation fee as it was their fault and not ours that I didn’t have phone. I was VERY VERY UPSET to hear that you cut off your beautiful hair…but bryan and lisa who i called when she told me over msn said that it looked good. ALSO, though this has been mentioned many times before. I am a size bigger than you and you always tell me that I am not fat, so why would you be????Unless you are only telling me that to sooth my broken ego.

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