summer employment


until last Friday i had a job for the summer. it was a new job, with new employers and new responsibilities. it was going to let me take a summer class (Italian 202) and do other amazingly fun stuff like read the books for my classes next year. on friday i was told they would not be needing me because someone else was hired who would be staying on come September.
my current employer has offered to continue paying me to work my current 10/hrs a week all summer and there are five weeks (3 in june, 2 in august) whereby i will be able to work full-time because other staff are on vacation. other than that, i have nothing.
i do not want to go back to Subway. i think there is telemarketing in my future. Does anyone have any suggestions of places that they know are okay to work for? ideally i would only work in telemarketing for may and july, but i also know that this scenario is unlikely. i like working in offices. i am sad.
i am supposed to be doing some readings right now. alas. i managed to scan and translate ten lines of the forty due as a take-home final in latin and have read about 50 pages (40 left) of the courtier for renaissance tomorrow. eep. i should not have spent all week-end playing video games. but it was fun.


One thought on “summer employment

  1. You could try the Career and Placement Service at Concordia ( for some job postings. You might have to register first, though.

    You can maybe ask for a research assistant position for one of your profs. You never know if they’re looking.

    I also heard that the Old Port is hiring for the summer.

    That’s all I can think of right now. I’ll come back and let you know if I come up with other stuff.

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