how not to do homework


download the favourite games of your childhood and play them while watching the movie network on your boyfriend’s new express vu. when you don’t like the movies playing, change the channel to the That 70s Show marathon (Season 4 comes out in May!). the only thing that could make me less productive would be if there was still a season of the gilmore girls i hadn’t watched yet that Lisa could lend me.
friday night steve and i went out to dinner at Boccaccino’s. we were having a very good time until we decided to have a fight which lasted from when we asked for the bill until we got back to his place. we made up and went to bed. i have no idea what time it was, but it was 11:30am when we woke up and i must say that sleeping in like that did us a lot of good.
speaking of sleeping and time. What the hell is this stupid daylight savings time thing? i think i heard on the radio that it was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin – the same dingbat who flew a kite in a lightning storm. we should me in the maritimes’ time zone. we get 40 minutes less light in montreal than in toronto. perhaps we should just switch time zones? who needs it to be light out at 9:30pm in the summer anyways? i have never understood the benefit of daylight savings in montreal and i don’t think i ever will.
note: i know Benjamin Franklin was actually quite a brain. it was just a wisecrack.


One thought on “how not to do homework

  1. Speaking of toronto, the move went fine and i should be back online in no time, unless we have a bell canada problem, this rep started yelling at us for no reason yesterday about floors we gave them our address and it is unit one, but they never asked what floor we were on which as we now know is floor 2(my question what the hell is wrong with the technician that came up to the second floor, but could only work on the first and didn’t say anything about it)…and the manager did not help the situation much at all. I am supposed to be painting for the awards show that I am assistant art director for, but I came all the way here and he is not even here…wtf…as for daylight savings I was very upset that it happened the weekend I was moving as we needed every spare minute there was to get everything in the house…it is so beautiful, can’t wait to have you up here.

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