mingling and male strippers


i cannot develop any competency at the art of mingling in large groups. Not even when i know 90% of the people in the group relatively well. yesterday i went to my fourth coffee hour, and yet again i was confronted with talking to people for inappropriately long amounts of time, realizing i was keeping them from enjoying the company of everyone else in the room (and keeping myself from it too) and then not knowing how to let the conversation naturally blend it another one with different people. i ramble. i should not be permitted to socialize.
during one of these conversation (but before it got awkward) Kat came up with a brilliant idea which i am going to rip off here in the context of an invention. oh yes, it’s unscrupulous, but you will not be surprised because it has already been established by my shameless flirting that i have no morals (who was massaging my neck during coffee hour? at first i thought it was jon bugging me, then i thought it was bryan, then tim, then gabe and now i can’t remember the laugh that was supposed to give it away…).
because flirting with no attachments is so much damn fun – and who can say otherwise. Kat proposed a sort of strip club for women. we decided that jon and tim p. should be allowed in. tim p. wasn’t sure if it was a compliment or not to be allowed to work in our strip club, but then he remembered that he likes to flirt, so he went along with it. you would pay exorbant prices for alcohol in order to flirt outrageously with the male “flippers” (my word). they would have to be talented though. making any woman feel worthy of their attention and keeping the game alive. there would have to be NO SEX ALLOWED (my idea again) so you could suspend the usual signs that flirting is supposed to give off. i think girls would much more appreciate this kind of interaction with objectified men than the hysterical displays of men acting like women that male strippers engage in. i can’t think of something less attractive than watching a male stripper. it is such a feminine thing to do. women need to be turned on mentally, not physically. ok, apparently it floats some peoples boats, but i think its more the fun of acting like men in the club itself that is alluring.
so, what do you think? would you go? would you like to be a flipper?


2 thoughts on “mingling and male strippers

  1. Not sure how I feel about this idea of flippers. I think I’m opposed actually and wouldn’t go. But that’s me… flirting with no attachment. I mean I’ve done that. I’ve flirted and didn’t let myself get attached, a way of keep detached. Kind of a disconnect. I mean don’t get me wrong, flirting is great and fun- but …

    regardless, heather how are you doing?

  2. Wow. Ok, I should be starting on my renaissance paper but i NEED to comment on this.

    Are you out of your mind? First off, to accept what you’re saying, you’d have to be ok with the standard strip clubs (for men), and the objectification of the opposite sex. Secondly, don’t you realize that places like those make people feel validated only insofar as they demonstrate the total lack of selfhood and interior individual validation they already have?

    Not to mention, flirting is great, and wonderful, and fun, but there is innocent fun flirting, and then there’s Flirting. Innocent fun flirting would be, I guess, what it is that I do, or used to… when you see someone and you find them attractive you let them know, when you appreciate something in someone you let them know, spontaneously. It’s cute, it’s fun, it usually ends up putting a smile on people’s faces and no one’s the worse for it. Flirting, capital F, is also fun and cool, but it LEADS to something, that’s the whole greatness of it! Flirting with no strings attached would be like wanting to eat without ever ingesting food… and you who were complaining about a society of consumerism…

    Finally, I find it odd that you and Kat, both of whom are in long-term relationships with people who you allegedly love, would realistically want such a concept. If you need that kind of validation outside what you have…. well, i won’t say anything, except that it seems odd…. don’t get me wrong, some external world validation is always good, but that’s where the innocent/fun flirting comes in.

    Anyways, you’re awesome Heather and I do love you, but this is one of the more frightening things you’ve come up with in a long time.

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