books, books and more books


Just finished getting help translating my Latin homework from Dan. It took me over an hour to translate 3 sentences of English into Latin in an exercise of gerunds and gerundives. eep.
I also went across the street from the LAC to the mezzanine where there is a book sale going on. Books, lovely books i will never read. I bought a novel by Ursula Hegi, a novel by Saul Bellow, The Great Gatsby (which i hated when i read it in high school, but am determined to try again), and a book of “where do our current expressions come from” for my Dad who is currently enthralled with CJAD’s morning feature “So now you know.”
I am going to put together a summer wish-list, mostly reading but some other interesting stuff too, for posterity. you will all laugh and how nerdy and unaccomplishable it will be.
i only have an hour and a half left before class begins, so i had better get to writing that pesky paper i put off last night to watch House. Then a headache set in, so i went to bed instead of working. I feel much better this morning though (well, afternoon now) though. i promise i will write that “what if” post one of these days. i have just been writing so much that i don’t feel up to sustaining an argument for very long. most likely over the week-end. i promise. wait, no i don’t. i’ll try. it’s my blog, so cope.


3 thoughts on “books, books and more books

  1. Fitzgerald… Bah! I hated that book in high school too. You’d think that a book set in the 1920s would be more fun. I get the whole social criticism of the prevalent materialism of the period, but I guess it just feels pretty dated to me.

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