i want to go to St. Petersburg


yesterday when i was in the languages department, i noticed a flyer saying that for $2100 you could learn Russia in St. Petersburg for a month. Accomodations and airfare were included. I am so envious of anyone actually going on this trip. There are more canals in St. Petersburg than in Venice. Maybe between my undergrad and grad school. wouldn’t that be lovely? anyone feel like volunteering to go with me?
Last night i spent the evening writing another two pages for my paper on banishment. i am worried that i am going to go way over the word limit for the final draft and will have to cut out sections integral to my argument. eep. i am worried.
other than that, i should most definitely be doing readings, writing and researching (notice the lack of arithmetic in that list. Down with Math!) instead of blogging. i have already killed a good twenty minutes trying to explain to the history department that i CAN’T apply to take a class at McGill through the web portal because something went wrong with my sign-up information. i am so tired of this mess. Concordia’s support staff is supposed to be going to the negotiating tables tomorrow for their collective agreement. I hope they get nothing. Well, everyone except Lina. she deserves a lot of thanks. the rest of the staff i have encountered have been so very ineffectual that i cannot conceive of giving them MORE money for nothing.

One thought on “i want to go to St. Petersburg

  1. ahhhhh! I remember my time when I work at my CEGEP, and I felt like the only bureaucrat WORKING, for christ’s sake! I do understand the frustration you have when the administration does not his job. I think I was the only one really working, and when I managed to help some co-workers in their own work because they were loaded, I was asked by one of my superior to stick to my tasks only, and to not help my coworkers. Not help! o_O I couldn’t believe it. I later understand that by doing all the job possible for everyone, I was proving, by myself alone, that the bureaucracy didn’t need all those people. I could possibly make some people lost their jobs because of their inactivity and laziness. So, I also understand the point about having high salary when you do absolutely nothing! It pisses me off.

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