things that make me happy


i woke up this morning pretty pissed off at the world in general. Last night there was a commuting crisis at my house. I love my parents. They rock as parents and people, but i cannot cope with sharing living quarters with anyone right now. i really really wish i was well-enough off financially to move out into that cute little studio with kitchenette that is for rent in the downtown core for $385/month utilities included according to craiglist. oh well. that’s what i did last night – daydream about moving out.
so, this morning i woke up and decided that for the first time this semester, i will leave my laptop at home today. Tagging all the old entries would be too enticing and i have work to do. Yesterday i spent six hours of my day typing up five pages of the paper due on banishment as a punishment for sexual misconduct in late medieval england on thursday. i think i will meet the deadline, but i am going to have to keep trucking. yesterday i also dyed Steve’s hair very very dark blue – today is the day of the double adjective.
well, i woke up to check my emails, etc. much earlier than needed (another reason i was in a horrid mood) to discover that Skrud had very obligingly sent me a link to website’s where i can download NES and SNES emulators and ROMS. Yeah retro gaming. another reason i am leaving the laptop at home today. i liked Mario Bros. way way (hehe) too much.
So, i am feeling better. i have an idea for another “what if” post brewing in the back of my oh-so-blonde head. I hope you don’t mind the new hosting service, because i like it. I am found of burgundy. Not as much as i am found of orange, but what can you do?


5 thoughts on “things that make me happy

  1. Those retro games are deadly. I’ve been playing so much Blades of Steel lately … to the detriment of my pending programming projects.

    I blame Patrick and the DMSA for hosting that Vintage Gaming Bash.

  2. Ok. I officially don’t like wordpress. Blogger = far better. You… making me update my links and all…. P.S. if you want some vintage gaming just ask, I have oodles of NES and SNES roms (600+).

    P.S. I take it you’re still spiralling into cynicism since the move didn’t end up including a title-change? that’s too bad….. My blog title might change soon …. Hey! How about I change mine if you change yours? Hunh?

    Paper Bells Paper Bells Papers All the Way
    Oh what fun it is to write
    A-The Night A-way, HEY!
    (see, more specifically the On The Moon christmas episode for context).

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