Are IPODs just a fad?


I have been meaning to write this particular post for a while.
When IPODs first came out, or, more correctly, when you first started to see them being used by a large portion of the public transport using population, i couldn’t understand what the big deal was. they seemed to be like everything else in this weird, other-culture fearing province – A FAD. A fad like car tempos and those rather pretty, but inexplicably popular icicle-style christmas lights. since then, i have decided that i want an IPOD Nano. Well, i want a real IPOD, but i am poor. However, i don’t really know why i want one, which is the main reason i don’t have one already. if i can’t come up with one good reason why i think it will at least make my life more pleasurable, i don’t think i should put out that kind of cash. i don’t listen to music that much because i find it difficult to concentrate on what i’m reading when it’s playing, even instrumental jazz which is what i listen to the most. i do listen to music when doing latin homework (which i won’t be having next year, sadly) and i am pretty certain i would use an IPOD on public transport because i rarely go to the trouble of taking the book i “should” be reading out of my bag.
However, and this is what caused me to finally put up this post, after reading an entry on Guillaume’s blog, i discovered pandora by the music genome project. it’s a personal DJ. i can taylor a radio system to my specific tastes. the most awesome piece of internet technology i have seen all year. of course, i can’t load pandora onto an IPOD, but it sure does give me good suggestions for making purchases at the MusicStore.
Okay, so why am i writing this? Because i need help. I cannot make this life-changing (LOL) decision on my own. Consider this a survey on what you think of the IPOD fad…
Factors to consider with the specific advice you give me that have not been previously mentioned:
(a) currently an IPOD represents over two weeks salary and i am trying to save up so as not to work next semester.
(b) yes, i have a MAC so ITUNES is my software of choice.
(c) i have been to all of two live concerts in my life. i prefer the theatre.
(d) i am horribly intimidated by the musically-knowledgeable.
So, whatcha think? why do you have one or not have one and what light can you shed on my particular conundrum?


2 thoughts on “Are IPODs just a fad?

  1. A – you do not like music that much…i don’t like music enough for an ipod.
    B – do not join the craze a better one will come out w/ a better model.
    C – Lisa thinks its a bad idea.
    D – Buy an MP3 player thats not an IPOD. I find it sufficient I would never listen to all the music on it and would probably skip through most of it anyways.
    E – At worst go to the ipod website they supposedly give you a discount.

  2. Personally, I don’t think ipods are worth the price tag. Unless you want to look trendy. There are cheaper alternatives that work just as well. I bought an mp3 player for my car when I was traveling ~3 hrs a day into Montreal (yay for finally finding an apartment) but ipods didn’t exist back then or were really new and really expensive.

    If you decide to go through with it you should really check what you need in terms of space and I’d go for a cheaper player by a different brand.

    I’m in the same position as you though. I sort of want an ipod but I know it’s not for any good reason so I don’t buy one. I have better things to buy with my money. Like food. And electricity.

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