illiteracy in Canada


good morning.
firstly, some administrative nonsense: john completely denies the description of his flirting i posted earlier this week. apparently he is NOT touchy. i also got pretty raked over the coals for having a blog in general, but i like a good ribbing, so i can cope. it has come to my attention that if you are accessing this site via livefeed or bloglines, you do not see the post a comment link. well, i encourage anyone capable of telling me why this is to do so. i will happily fix it. if no solutions are forthcoming in the next week, i will change the template to include a note about that problem.
on to the interesting stuff. (HA).
My BOSS rec’d a ticket for not stopping at a stop-sign Wednesday night. She decided to write a LETTER to attach to the ticket because she wants to contest it. This is the letter (i rewrote it for her, don’t worry), capitalization, spelling and punctuation pristine. She had proof-read it and just wanted me to “double-check” because i’m good at these things. Please note: thouh her first language is not English, she’s Greek, she went through at least 7 years (if not her entire schooling career) in the english school system. i had previously thought illiteracy was dead in Canada. She has been working in an office environment for the past twenty-three years. Lord help me, she is my supervisor.
To Whom It May Concern:

I am contesting this ticket 011160573, Reason being I made my stop.

I pass by this particular stop everyday for 4 1/2 yeas.
This was not the first time that I seeing police officer pulling drivers over on the side.
But it was the first time I was pulled over.
They had stropped about 3 to 5 cars before i got there.
I saw a police officer 1/2 ways downs the street.
And pulled me over on the side. I asked what happed.
I was advised that I did not come to a full stop.
This is not the first time I see police at this stop
I have never being stopped before, I always do my stop
(I do not deserve to get this ticket)

Thank you,

Do you think she has more of a chance that a snowball in hell?


9 thoughts on “illiteracy in Canada

  1. “Do you think she has more of a chance that a snowball in hell?”

    I offence at you impliedication. This letter is good writting. Poolice are always badding others for money. This why I not drive. Bad systum.

  2. Wells, you knows whats I think. Such ehpissles tend 2 half bed lock en the governement’s office.

    Just make out with John already and get it over with would ya? C’mon, after this year he won’t be around anymore…. LAC last-chance-dance anyone?

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