Notes from the Underground


Well, i have spent the last three evenings researching an “optional” reflection on Machiavelli(not writing it meant the final paper would be worth an extra 15% of our grade). Last night, i rewrote the same paragraph over and over again for an hour and a half. it was infuriating because i really did have some good material to discuss. eventually i gave up in disgust over my incompetence and inefficiency at having dedicated so much time to a project i would not even complete.
i woke up at 4:30 this morning and lay there thinking. i decided to get up and write the paper taking a different angle (complacency and maintenance of the state rather than corruption and maintenance of the state) that had just occurred to me. at 6:15, when i normally get up to get ready for work, i was finishing the last bibliography entry. i feel like i have already accomplished a lot today, but i am not thoroughly convinced the paper is any good because i only JUST wrote it and am reading it over. oh well. at least i feel better. i am sure that feeling will fade by 5pm when i will be exhausted.
other than that, i am doing ok. i think i am going to ask my parents to help fund my getting a train pass for next year instead of getting driven in all the time because it is just so much more efficient. i don’t know though. i found a course offered at mcgill on tuesdays and thursdays (Renaissance to Reformation) that i am very interested in, but i don’t have classes on tuesdays and thursdays otherwise. i am trying to find out how you register for classes at another university and then get them converted into credits at Concordia.
And, lastly, some thoughts on the CJAD news report this morning:
(a) not that i am saying that the Christian “peace” missionaries deserved to be kidnapped – far from it – but am i the only one that doesn’t find it surprising that a theocratical regime will react violently to a group openly engaging in proselytizing?
(b) if the montreal municipal government wants citizens to do something about the litter on the streets, shouldn’t they consider having garbage cans at at least every bus stop? The street i work on doesn’t have a single garbage can on it and people eat their lunches in front of the buildings all summer. It’s not like Meilleur isn’t a busy street…

5 thoughts on “Notes from the Underground

  1. And just when we thought lisa was dramatic “gave up in disgust over my incompetence and inefficiency” Honestly. Im glad you got er done up though, I am sure it is a good paper, much much better then I could ever hand in. Also CJAD used to infuriate me. I am feeling a little better nad will post when I get in from lecture/quiz. Then I must write 700 wrd paper unless ashleigh gets us all an extension because that prof still has not returned our papers. This is insane. Sorry to ramble on your post a comment blog.

  2. Ummm. it’s not going to be worth an extra 15%. The breakdown of the course is, I think,

    50% Final paper
    20% Participation
    15% – TOTAL of 3 Reflections
    15% – Presentation

    Therefore, 15/3…. if my math isn’t wrong, and we do exist in positively curved spacetime….. 5% difference….

    Glad you got it done though đŸ™‚

  3. MontrĂ©al is a dirty city. Since Bourque’s left the power 4-5 years ago, it kept degrading and degrading more. Mayor Tremblay is busy representing MontrĂ©al on the international scene, but he forgot he’s running a city, that he is not a ambassador. I really hope this ‘clean sweep’ will be effective, because I normally enjoy walking in my beautiful, clean city.

  4. I saw a similar report with Tremblay threatening fines to people who litter in the old port. The camera crew went down to the old port and all the garbage cans (that they could find, lots of streets had none) were overflowing. And to finish the report there was a cute image of a plastic bag tied to a telephone pole that was serving as a garbage can since there weren’t any around.

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