interpreting body language


again i am waiting for my mother to get ready to leave for work/school.
i think i have mentioned in a previous post that i think that a certain John character is one of the most atrocious, yet accomplished, flirts i have ever met. i would like to analyze the behaviour he partakes in to make me feel this way and ask any male readers whether or not the same sort of action would be interpreted as flirting or mothering if a woman acted this way towards them.
when John starts to talk to you, he at first is very flippant. you are being kind of frivolous and are, hence, amusing. slowly he appears to be paying more and more attention to what you are saying, this is mostly conveyed by making small, sacrastic remarks that are not really mean, but borderline. then this too stops. he looks you in the eyes, and, eventually, manages to get the very tips of his fingers in the small of your back, or on your shoulder. when walking by, if you are in the way, he always makes sure to do the same. a guiding push per say. now, it’s not really as methodolical as i have written it out – this makes him sound like a master plan kind of guy, which i’m not saying he is, but i am creating a trend we can analyze. ok. so, if a woman got more and more rapt into your conversation and proceeded to lay a hand on you ever so gently … is this flirting or mothering? if she lays a hand on your shoulder when she walks by you … is it flirting or mothering? John usually ends one of these encounters with some insanely inappropriate comment that he gets away with because a bubble of solitude has been built up that creates a context of “okayness.” you both know it’s just playing, no one else will hear about it, so it’s “okay.” yeah. i like john. you can tell. i always feel really pretty, feminine, but smart after ten minutes. i guess this is proof of the attraction principle that says you like people who make you feel good about yourselves.
i like you too Lorne. i think you will see a bit of a description of our luncheon dates/emails in this description too.
on a daily update note: i can’t stop sleeping. i fall asleep at 9pm, wake up to do more work, fall asleep again, set an alarm to get up early, get up before the alarm and turn it off, and still get up insanely late. i am not going to get any work done at this rate.


2 thoughts on “interpreting body language

  1. sounds like flirting not mothering to me. but hey, i’m a nut so don’t trust me.

    also HI! Call me when you have the time or inclination

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