bye bye victoria gym


firstly, today is the ides of march. i am scared. particularly since i am sitting in Roman Empire, which should so somehow have recognized this fact but hasn’t.
i went to my cardio class again today. the gym’s last week is next week. where will the students work out now? we will be homeless…and i was just getting into it. moshing/dancing for an hour twice a week is good for me. both psychologically and physically. last monday i needed an aleve because my thighs ached so much, which was good because it means i had worked them for once. i feel less porky after.
i went to see Prof. Lorkovic about Foucault’s Discipline and Punish today. i wanted to use some of the theory in a paper on banishment of prostitutes in late medieval london. Prof. Lorkovic knows his stuff. i felt much better about attempting to discuss a philospher in a social history paper and i felt smarter. a lot smarter. that is always my reaction to going into prof. lorkovic’s office. this panegyric is partly sponsored by the visitor to my blog from BC who searched his name on google. i know that because someone on the LAC staff doesn’t like him very much, they are not keeping him next year. this is a travesty. i cannot imagine anyone else having conveyed any sort of understanding of the philosophical-political texts we read last year. please note, lorky is not my prof. anymore, but he is helping me out anyways. i think i am a much better thinker and writer after sitting in his class. i am writing this down for posterity should the occasion ever arise again that for some unknown reason a future employer of his actually reads an entry in my blog on him. HIRE HIM. He cares about his students, knows his subject, comes to class prepared and treats everyone with respect.
ok. enough. i am not sucking up because (a) he will never read this and (b) he is not only not my prof, but also leaving Concordia after this semester.
tomorrow i have an appointment with the C.O.O. at the office about my hours for the upcoming months. i haven’t heard anything from Census Canada or Bell Canada, so i guess i may be stuck in this office for yet another trimester of mindless work. i am considering applying to work at Concordia something like eight hours a week next year even though i had said i wouldn’t work next semester. the library jobs are so conducive to reading.
oh. i meant to share this. ING Direct is currently offering a “short and sweet” GIC with 3.4% interest on a 90 GIC. This is incredible. there is no minimum amount. if you are interested in opening an account with them, and i highly recommend it, i can send you an email referral (gives me $13, costs you nothing). my email addy is because i realize it is nowhere else on this page.
matthew and i have finally decided to be more time-effective and are going to be divying up attendance to this Roman Empire class. he will be attending Mondays and i will be attending Wednesdays. this will probably be cutting into my more general correspondence time and posting. i am sure you will cope nicely. if not, well, bother someone in my blogroll to your left. i am sure they would enjoy your viewing of their thoughts.

One thought on “bye bye victoria gym

  1. I don’t have much time to comment on everything on the moment… pile of homework and all. But I wanted to comment regarding your monday post. I just wanted to say that I didn’t know if you really wanted to talk about the Steve thing. If you do- please call me. Pretty please. Or even come on by sometime. I know you’ve all both talked about where and what your relationship is before and both have thought about backing out before. I just figured if it was really huge you would call me. So call me. And I’ll listen. Unless you don’t want to talk about it.

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