just for a change


my latin prof is awesome. i think we have already established this in previous posts, but i am going to provide more evidence towards this assertion.
(a) today, so we could, for a change, have a FUN assignment, she gave us three paragraphs of Harry Potter instead of a test. the homework is due the last day of class. woohoo, an excuse to buy harry potter trilogy in hardcover.
(b) Concordia, in a fit of its usual crappiness, doesn’t have a copy of Petrarch’s DE SECRETUM in its library. Okay, it’s just about the 3rd most major work he wrote, but whatever. McGill has a copy, but interlibrary loan will take at least a week. Margaret has offered to take it out for me. as a prof, she gets much longer check out time. awesome!
Yesterday Steve and I had a discussion about our future in which he attempted to break up with me. he couldn’t. i have had this same conversation with him so many times now that i am going to pull out my hair. Love isn’t enough folks, according to my significant other. of course, obviously it’s enough that you are willing to admit that living without the other person is the most horrifying thought you can come up with. lovely. oh the contradictions. whatever. i so am not worrying about this right now.
well, my first week of adsense has made me 0.17$ because only one person clicked on an ad. i think it might be more productive for the void magazine though. i may suggest it if i do become web editor. i should probably consider coming to a decision on that. i am just so scared of next year’s class schedule though. eep. and no latin or italian. i am going to forget all i learnt. so sad.


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