good intentions


i had every intention of developing a meaningful, articulate post during this afternoon’s Roman Empire class. Unfortunately, Matthew is not here today, so my plans are shot. To explain the brief hiatus preceding in posts, i have been a little under the weather. i am recovering. i am also trying to accomodate a new schedule, but the faculty of Concordia’s history department is meagre indeed. there are no classes offered on the years 1400-1700 in Europe during the fall. What the hell is that?
Anywho, i must continue with covering both our butts and taking notes for my usually so kind friend. how dare he not be here today? i missed Monday (slept 19 hours) so i can’t criticize.
please note the addition of adsense in the navigation bar to your left. i have decided to begin a foray into modern marketing. ha.

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