Mandragola: Opening Night


role call
Last night, in a dance studio converted into a pseudio-black box theatre, Director Ian Cutherbertson, with the help of assistant director Merav Fima and stage manager Katerina Sokryko, presented a stunningly intelligent and comical production of Mandragola (summary). The talents of all the actors (figured above in a picture of role call and from right-left) – Alex Ferko as Professor Nicia, Tassie King as Sostrata, Audrey Peek as Lucrezia, James Fothergill Brown as Friar Timoteo, Bryan Brazeau as Ligurio, Brad Share as Callimaco, Tara Dominguez as Woman in Church, Greg Bouchard as Siro, and Alex Carruthers as Poet – shone.
A light combination of physical humour, political philosophy and the occasional inside joke (with friends and family in the audience, what more was to be expected?) like a brief excerpt from The Pirates of Penzance, there was rarely more than a minute with at least a smirk. True to the original, but combining numerous translations, this presentation of one of the world’s most infamous political theorist’s creative productions was not only a joy but also consistent with the atmosphere of the Liberal Arts College.
To be admitted, there were a couple line flubs, “i will go now…” “but what will you do? “I will go now,” but for an opening performance, the audience was given a surprisingly professional performance that would have made many a full-fledged theatre department proud. Particularly considering the meagre set (a bench) and costumes which detracted not at all from the viewer’s ability to imagine a Florenting square.
Should you want to tickle your own fancy, i encourage you to be present at the last show this evening, 7pm, at Concordia’s TJ builiding (3rd floor) on the corner of Terrebonne and West Broadway in NDG. This performance was one of many creative endeavours sponsored by Concordia’s acclaimed Art Matters festival.


One thought on “Mandragola: Opening Night

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Sorry, I found your blog when searching my name in Google. I hope it’s cool that I’ve taken a look through it.

    You’re a really sweet person, Heather. I’m glad to have met you this year.

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