Creative Writing…or not?


The Void Magazine is requesting submissions for a one-sentence complex narrative on the theme of escape for their next issue. now i am incredibly intimidated by the staff of the void – they are all so quiet and articulate – so i would like to bounce this idea off a different audience before i really put myself out there, on the line to dry so to speak.
Running the red light, our car nose-dived into a “nid-d’autruche” and i watched the contents of my cup splatter like a Jackson Pollock.
I am kind of ambivalent. i like the integration of frenglish and a new simile, but i think it might be a little kitch. and the reference to Pollock, well, seems pretentious. I don’t know when the deadline is, but i would like your thoughts or suggestions for other topics, should you feel the urge.
oh yeah, and in my endless surfing during Roman Empire, i came across an excellent article on blogging in the Financial Times. It argues that blogging is not a revolution of the media – i was pretty convinced before the article, but it argues it using some of the best blogs on the web. if you are at all interested in this sort of thing, you can check it out at this link.
Oh, and another random tidbit, mostly for Veronica because i don’t know anyone else really into film that much, did you know about the website YouTube that posts shorts by amateurs. It’s pretty awesome.


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