Bryan: A Neo-Apollo


Ehlana was talking about Go Fug Yourself and this insane snickering at others has encouraged me to point and laugh at Bryan. I think most people who will read this at least know of Bryan, and if you don’t, well you can revel in the nastiness of this comment.
According to my temporary Latin prof (Margaret is out of town right now), Apollo, despite being incredibly handsome, gifted with sight into the future and talented in song and music, could never manage to seduce a woman. HA! In fact, after many amorous attempts, Cassandra finally agreed to let Apollo kiss her – of course, she spit in his mouth and he condemned her to have the gift of prophecy, but no one would believe her. She saw not only the fall of Troy via the entry of the horse and the pulling down of the walls, but also her immanent murder by Clymenestra after Agamemnon brings her home. Interesting story on it’s own, particularly chuckle worthy when applied to Bryan’s romantic ideal, ability to cook (or bake according to Ehlana), sing, dance and generally woo a woman. I know this is a cruel engagement, but i felt the need to share. Sorry Bryan. I love you anyways. I don’t think creating a parallel between you and Apollo is really THAT nasty. It is a compliment too (sort of).
I went to the Cardio Plus that i signed up for in early January and have only been to once because of blowing out my knee and midterms. It went well. I walked out on the last five minutes of ab exercises, mostly because i much prefer taking a shower in the locker room when there is no one else there. I dn’t have horrible body hang-ups, but if i can avoid flagrant exhibitionism, i will. I didn’t have to stop nor did i avoid anything except the intense jumping up and down to heavy metal for about a minute and a half. my knees started to hurt immediately so i thought it made sense to call it quits.
I was supposed to meet Sarah for coffee after, but it didn’t pan out. Sadly. i hope we can meet soon. i enjoyed hanging out with her so much in florence.
last night i took one of my bi-weekly sojourns to the pharmacy. some cool stuff was on sale. i bought some la coupe version of frizz eaze because it was cheaper. i then proceeded to call Lisa, Veronica and Steve and write the postcards that i sent out this morning.
I had a “back to the past” moment last night. I fell asleep reading a photocopy of Bruni’s Life of Dante. I was awakened by my Dad trying to extricate me from the knots i had made in my covers and turning of the bazillion lights i had left on. i don’t know what time it was. all i know is that i thought it was weird until i realized i had fallen asleep and it must have been like 2 in the morning or something and my Mom was snoring (again).
Well, i think that’s enough for now. I can still check emails, read the news, send text messages, and, who knows?, maybe even take a note or two about this ever-so-boring class.


2 thoughts on “Bryan: A Neo-Apollo

  1. Well, um…. I’m not sure how to respond to that. I could be really nasty and say that you’re the perfect antithesis to Madame Bovary, but unfortunately I know that you do have some idealism buried away in there somewhere.

    I am semi-complimented that i’m a neo-apollo, you know Ariosto places Daphnae in Hell since she was ungrateful and had a heart of stone…. 😉

    As far as women go, oh man heather, oh man. read the blog sometime, more on the random encounter to be periodically revealed.

    Incidentally, I love how I become a topic of conversation even when I’m not around. My goal is to entertain and from what I heard from alanna tonight and from you here, it looks like i’m being pretty successful 🙂

  2. well at least bryan is popular huh, well i’ll comment on the 2nd half of the blog. Enjoy the beauty of living at home where you have someone to make sure you go to bed all good.–>

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