Back in the Swing of Things


i am in class blogging again. it feels good to be back. i am sorry that Lisa was not as in to her souvenir as i would have hoped. maybe if she finds her marionettes things will look up. Bryan appeared to like his Dutch cigars, no surprise there.
on another front, beyond the everyday latin and taking Lisa out for a Birthday Lunch (yum), Steve’s dad had a heart attack yesterday. He is only 49, so you can imagine the shock. He is still in the hospital, but is supposed to be going to recover. i imagine there will be some dieting going on. i don’t know much else, so i will leave the topic until i have more information.
our plane left an hour late because there was an eleven plane waiting list for the runway. what a drag. the good news was that there was only a twenty minute line at customs and they didn’t make me pay any duties on the rum or the cigars i brought in.
i may go the the museum with Lisa on Wednesday. I have a lot to do, but i would like to engage in something cultural for the next couple of weeks. I am looking forward to the Mandragola production on Saturday. Must break the news to Steve that i am going however.
Well, i have a gazillion emails in my inbox and should probably copy out the notes Matthew is so kindly taking for me. Yeah for nice guys who do favours for people!!!!
This is a happy student signing off.

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