last day aboard/abroad


I am currently in the process of having my last “tea time” for a very long while. Then I must pack. The last shower has already been taken.
So, some thoughts on cruises. The onboard entertainment is pretty good. Worth going to. The food and drinking is awesome. The staff constitute the most helpful and agreeable group of people on the planet. I would not choose this type of vacation for my money spending, however. There is too little to do on sea-days other than eat and I don’t feel that good about eating all the time. I am very very happy my aunt signed us up for the morning yoga classes even though it was an extra fee. It gave us something to get up for and something to do in the morning before breakfast. I don’t feel I have solely been killing my body.
I don’t like lobster very much. I tried it for the first time at dinner last night. It was okay. I should have had the salmon. I am going to miss our crew members, Marlo (waiter), Robert (assistant-waiter – but if we don’t like him, he told us his name is Marlo, ha!), Antonio (room attendant) and Antonio’s room attendant whose name I have yet to catch but I have spoken to numerous times.
Bryan, your biscotti is much better than the pistachio one I am currently eating.
Ok. Back to why I am not as keen on cruises. Everything is about spending money and sitting in the sun. without money and when allergic to the sun, this is not much. Port days were great. I am chatty, so I would go talk to the people at the bars on the beach, bob up and down and shop with my aunt and mum. If you are going to go on a cruise, try to get one with lots of shore excursions. I think they make better memories and pictures too. Speaking of pictures, yesterday I must have taken at least 50 in a span of about fifteen minutes of the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. Cruises would also be good for honeymooners as it would get you talking to different people at the meals and something to do other than stare into each other’s eyes all day.
Yesterday I didn’t do much. I finished all the scansion and vocab of my latin homework and read some Foucault. Today I have read one article for the Renaissance class. I still want to go take a look at some perfume, pack and spend my ten dollars in the onboard casino. The boat is very rocky today. It is not nice out. Not raining, but a lot of fog in the distance.
Okay. I am all over the place and should probably stop. This post has gone nowhere, but as I left you all hanging yesterday, I thought I owed it to you. I am looking forward to catching up. Some specific shout-outs:
Lisa: Meet you at 1pm at the LAC for lunch Monday, my treat? If this is okay, pls don’t call to confirm, I will be exhausted Sunday when we finally get in and I still have to finish translating my Latin
Vero: I will call you the first evening I am at home. Maybe Monday. Maybe Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. I will be seeing Steve, and I have to get prescriptions filled. I have not forgotten about you though.
Bryan: I am locking myself in the library Monday morning, drop in to say hi, but don’t monopolize my time too much – I AM SO BEHIND ON THE PAPERS DUE IN LIKE 5 WEEKS! AH!
I love you all. Wish me a safe flight home and a joyous reunion with my Booey.


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