Another Day…Another Divine Beach


I am currently listening to Billy Idol’s Eyes Without a Face. We just got in from St. Maartens. I have souvenirs for everyone. They are not nice enough for birthday presents too (mainly because I don’t know how you have decorated your room in Toronto Veronica, because there was some gorgeous Dutch stuff). Ah well. Last night after blogging I went to the sushi bar and did some reading which I finished this morning on the stationary bike in the gym. I then fell asleep in the Thalassotherapy lounge, woke up when it was dark and mis-read my clock thinking it was already 7:15pm, when it was just quarter to. So I ran to the theatre for nothing. We watched a dance and orchestra tribute to the great American composers Cole Porter, Gershwin, Berlin, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Fats Waller. Except for the Gershwin section, it was very nice. Unfortunately, they decided to mike the performers. Not only were many of the singers powerful enough to not need to be miked, but it just seemed to run contrary to the work of those great men. Plus, there were so many anorexic women in nothing that the one woman whose ribs you couldn’t count from the back actually managed to look fat in comparison. Of course, we all know there is not a professional dancer on the planet even remotely overweight. It was sad. They were not attractive at all. Stick legs.
St. Maartens was great. We went to Dawn Beach. We were only there for three hours which was really sad. The waves were glorious. Divine. In Ecclesias Gloria. You could just go out into the warm water and bob with them. The sand was as fine as in Antigua (pronounced Ant-tee-gah) but the waves were larger requiring a little more pushing. I had a great conversation with an older man (wife and a kid, not old) from Conneticut about the Boston Bruins vs. the Montreal Canadians. Then I drank to Carib Beers (taste like Corona but come with a lime) that only cost 0.75$ each. I don’t usually drink beer. It was a nice change and cheap too. I read some more for school.
We took the taxi back to the port and then walked into St. Phillipsburg to shop. Of course, we were on a time schedule because god forbid we would miss Battle of the Sexes Trivia (I am not there right now. I am on strike). Apparently we paid a fortune for tickets to visit all the islands to have to come back to the ship to play trivia games. Absolutely ridiculous. My allergies are acting up again. Now they are all over my feet. It burns. I can associate much more with those of you who suffer with eczema now. It was so sad to be on the beach in the most intense yellow sun ever and not be able to get out from under my umbrella’s shade.
I brown bagged my lunch again. This time it was my Mum who stole a sandwich. On the walk to and from town I burnt my scalp. Usually I don’t wear a hat because I want my hair to go blonder, but, as I am sure you can imagine, my poor little scalp no longer has much protection from the rays now that it is in pretty cornbraids. Three people other than my mother have made the reference to Bo Derrick (?) in the movie Ten. I have no idea what they are talking about still, but continue to blush appropriately.
Well, you may have figured out that I am not responding to any comments you may post. That is because the internet on the ship is at 0.75$ a minute. Hence, the beer was as costly. I write in word, sign in, and cut and paste into blogger. I am not checking my email either. I will admit to sending Steve a text message. However, I am talking lots of pictures I will be happy to share once I have returned.
I am going to go and try to find some ginger ale. Read some more or maybe do some latin in the sleeping, oh, I mean thalassotherapy lounge. I will probably bring the laptop with me for the music. I am now listening to For Adults Only by Miles Davis.


One thought on “Another Day…Another Divine Beach

  1. Bo Derrick- that’s you’re new nickname. I decided to just comment to this last post for all of them, because well I’m sick I’m allowed to do things like that. I hope you’re allergy to sun shine isn’t perminent. I also hope your having a great time regardless of the allergy. You are loved and missed- so let yourself take in the great experiences and relaxation. I actually think my mom has that movie ’10. It’s really bad… but Bo Derrick is famous for it. Either way she’s a hottie. So take it as a complement. Just because a possibly pre-pubescent boy doesn’t see you for the beautiful person you are doesn’t mean dick. So enjoy. I’ll see you on monday for lunch. Call me if you like to leave a message about where to meet. I’ll head down town after my class.

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