british west indies…


Good afternoon. Today was not too bad. Though I am rather inclined to rip the entire front area of my torso completely off, the day at the beach was fun nonetheless. However, I will begin with last night.
Walking back to our stateroom I crossed my mother’s path and managed to run in before her. Woohoo. My mother walks around the ship at the pace of a snail. I proceeded to flop on the bed and do some much needed latin homework. Then, after showering, getting dressed and brushing my hair I waited a good hour before the other members of my party of three were ready to descend to the martini bar. I had an Alize Gold Fancy Martini. Wasn’t great, but wasn’t bad. We ate breadsticks and sat at the bar watching the bartender make others’ drinks. I had lamb shank for dinner. Yum. Tiramisu for dessert – double yum.
Then we went to the theatre where I saw the most amazing dance act ever (the woman was a pretzel I swear!) and a very good stand up comedy act by Theing Fu. He left the boat today to go to Vegas. Then came back to the room and slept.
This morning I got up kind of late and we went for breakfast. Eggs Benedict are nasty. Then in a typical student fashion, I went to the breakfast buffet and stole rolls, cold cuts, cheese slices and fruit to brown bag lunch at the beach. I donated a sandwich to one of the beach vendors who looked like he was starving.
Antigua has the most beautiful beach on the planet. The water is the palest blue. The sand is like powdered sugar. I got my hair done in corn braids and swam. There was enough sand in the water that I thought I would be able to do this, but I think it affected me anyways. Then we did a little shopping. I got postcards and an orange bracelet, earrings and necklace set. No rasta stuff for Steve because I was with the mum and aunt.
I am now going to go do Renaissance readings in the sun in my bathrobe. Maybe I will take a nap. The show is early tonight, so I will be bringing sushi there. Tomorrow is the big shopping day in St. Maartens. I am looking forward to it. The sun is glorious, there is always tons of breeze and the water is warm. Antigua gets two thumbs up.


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