Carribean Here I AM


I am in my room eating sushi. You might be asking why I am sitting on the bed of the tiniest room on the planet, albeit eating gourmet food, when I could be outside on deck basking in the sun, walking around Puerto Rico, or relaxing in the thalassotherapy pool. That is a very good question. Short answer – I am allergic to the sun. We are going to Antigua tomorrow and have already paid to spend the whole day on the beach. I am hoping that this allergy has been a misdiagnosis and after applying some cortisone and refraining from using suntan lotion, mosturizer (and perhaps even soap!) I will be back on my feet.
I blogged this morning on the ship’s computers, but discovered that their browser doesn’t accept cookies. Ten minutes of vacation wasted. My laptop is now set-up for wifi, so I am going to be able to post this when I go down to the martini bar.
Speaking of martinis, last night I had a sour apple one…and three glasses of wine at dinner. Surrounded by a thousand people having a great time, two of them being family members, I suddenly felt all alone. I wanted Steve, Veronica, Lisa and Bryan as well as my Boo. I went to bed right after dessert and missed the musical presentation “Let’s Rock” which my mum and aunt have tried to convince me was good, I think the title doomed it to begin with, and some horrible karaoke performances.
We did some shopping. I have a new bathing suit which is already too small from all the eating. I signed up with my aunt for yoga classes four mornings. I hate yoga, but she had never tried it. I guess it is better than nothing and the other three days I am going to be working out in the morning on either the elliptical trainer or the bike.
Puerto Rico was a bit of a letdown. The old city is very pretty. There were people flying kites that were high enough I was afraid they might crash into a plane. We walked in the sun, but the shopping wasn’t any great shakes and we didn’t want to pay for a taxi to go to the beaches. So we are back.
I am having a good time, don’t get me wrong, but I must admit that the most fun of it all thus far has been calling Steve and hearing about the weather Montreal has been getting. Oh, apparently I am not very attractive because despite being really drunk and dressed in a little black formal dress from Holt Renfrew, the 18-year old boy who eats dinner with us didn’t say more than two sentences to me despite my doing my best to talk to him. I wish Bryan were here so I could watch him dazzle my aunt and Mom with his dancing skills and other pretentious habits that would fit right in *smiles.
Ok. I had better get some homework done. I am not getting very far on that front. I may be blogging more often now that I may no longer be able to sit in the sun.
I miss you all and wish you were here too. My Mum and aunt are fun and all, but they don’t replace my friends. Plus, they mock me. Oh wait, you guys do too. Hmmm…do you love me after all? I promise not to be a sad drunk again tonight.


2 thoughts on “Carribean Here I AM

  1. Ah Heather. You are deeply missed here too. On the work front i’m dying, so much damned stuff to get done…. i’m only a little more than halfway through Orlando and Kierky and ugggh Eliot is still beckoning.

    Don’t worry, when you get back we’ll do something good and pretentious ensemble 🙂 Don’t get too much um… the opposite of sun…. moon? Hrm. but you wouldn’t be moon bathing, or would you? that sounds like a heather thing to do….

    And that boy. Oh dear. I’m going to give him an earful if i ever see him

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