you know you’ll miss me


my laptop is now packed, so i am using the computer downstairs, which never happens. Steve and i went out for dinner, i proceeded to have too much to drink. then he helped me pack. i am sure that i forgot tons of important stuff, but i guess i will just have to buy more when we get there. ha.
i would like to take a moment to discuss my inability to create for the greater publicizing world. the current issue of the void will be about escape. now, i was lying in bed awake this morning at 6 am, worrying about the upcoming midterm, which went really well incidentally, and i came up with tons of topics. articles on painkillers, obesity, suicide and even a documentary on my cruise experience all seem appropriate. unfortunately, the deadline to submit a query is saturday and i am not articulate enough anyways. what i would like to know, is which is your preferred method of escapism. i think i eat to relieve myself of the problems of this world more than anything else. chocolate and starchy cookies – particularly of the oatmeal or tea biscuit variety. comfort food is so satisying.
i must admit, that as i have to get up at 3 this morning, i would really appreciating my parents arriving home so i can find out where the adaptor for the digital camera is being kept. it would be nice to bring it along. so would batteries, but i don’t know where those are, let alone if we have any at all.
well, i want to go to bed. articulation is not my strong suit when i am tired. i will post at least once from the cruise ship, don’t miss me too much. i might even post a pic or two if my bro ever gets home.
enjoy your spring break!


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