plum tea = yummy


wow. the title of the blog rhymes. it’s amazing how the little things can be equally uplifting as they can be devestating – like when you don’t get what you order for valentine’s day dinner. somehow a little thing like that can end up being the cause of an entire evening spent bawling one’s eyes out in bed. lovely. poor Steve. i also gained 2.5 lbs last week. great. i am on a diet, but there is no way it was muscle mass because i can feel the muscles in my legs atrophying.
so yeah. after managing a relatively productive morning (two articles and five lines of latin) i went out with Tim for tea. hehe alliteration. it was nice. the tea and Tim. last night i went to bed at nine thirty instead of doing the work i needed to. then i spent the whole night dreaming the weirdest dreams. really odd. i can’t remember now, but when i woke up this morning, i know i had a pretty good recollection of the dream sequences.
well, my history professor is done reiterating the midterm exam format for the umpteenth (no, no fourth) time. oh wait, there he goes again. well, i need to start the email writing cycle this class has become the setting for during the past 6 weeks. have a good evening.


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