looking in a mirror


i finished watching season 5 of the gilmore girls last night when i got home. i thought i was watching myself as Rory was self-destructing in the last episode. Lovely. i went to bed.
this morning i have not been as productive as possible. i meandered around the house aimlessly. i read three chapters that will be on my exam wednesday and realized there is absolutely NO WAY i am getting all the readings for this week done. Luckily, i am missing the last class this week in Italian Renaissance, so i will not get caught. i did read over the draft i finished yesterday and that assignment is now done. i am supposed to be writing a different paper right now. I am hoping the act of articulating thoughts on a screen will inspire me to get a move on. i should not have permitted myself a nap in the sun streaming through my window. i realized when i was nodding off and enjoying the heat that there will be plenty of time for this kind of activity on the cruise ship. oh well. the nap gave me a headache.
i am going out to dinner with Steve. the outfit i am wearing is picked out. i told him i will leave here around 4:30 to go to his house. that was an optimistic appraisal. though his presents are bagged, my overnight stuff is not. oh well. if i am late, he will cope. i need to get a rough draft of this done.
well, my candy is almost done, meaning my tea must be steeped. off i go to the world of working…


2 thoughts on “looking in a mirror

  1. Aww we all feel like Rory or Lorelai when breakdown sometimes, like we can’t do all the things we have to do. But we can. Sometimes we all lose our steam and want to cry. Sometimes it helps to let frustration out. I think you can do anything you want to do- but remember above all we’re only human.

  2. I’ll say like lisa, but on the ONLY part i have issues. Human – self-shapable. The world can break you but the will can break the world. It’s hard and annoying but it is doable.

    Don’t worry abotu Renaissance, i definitely won’t have all of those done this week. Have a great night with steveo

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