its grey both outside and in…


hi. it’s grey outside. i hate days like this. no amount of indoor lighting can make up for the dreariness. i still have tons of work to do before tomorrow at 2:45 when both my week begins and my first latin test of the semester. i tried studying some yesterday, but i ended up falling asleep.
my new mattress was delivered by Steve in his Dad’s pickup on Friday. Friday night was fun and oh-so-counter productive. i made my new bed, with mattress pad and it was so comfy that i didn’t want to go to sleep, so i stayed up until 5am watching season 5 of the gilmore girls. luckily, i am now so behind on my schoolwork that there is absolutely no chance that i will end up watching it instead of doing my homework.
i am mostly posting because i know certain people get worried when i don’t post over a five day period. i got cornered by sandra when i answered my cellphone yesterday, so it is back to it’s traditional “silent” setting. i need to switch to caller ID rather than voicemail. also, there is more chance i will call people back if they don’t tell me they were just calling to check if i was free when i was working (that’s an explanation for you Lisa). i am a little overwhelmed by the amount of work i need to complete before “reading” week.
ok. i know that whenever i come up with a cool plan to combat poverty rates, there is a flaw that someone much more educated than myself points out. so, here is my new plan of the week:
the cost of hydro is indexed to oil, correct? we cannot sell the stuff to our own citizens for less than that which we export to our partners in free trade (this might not be correct, but isn’t integral to my plan, so who cares?). with gas prices rising, we should be making more money on the quebec taxpayers investment in hydro-electric dams, correct? so, i think they should make hydro a non-taxable item. it seems stupid to tax people on something as essential as electricity and many people heat with it, making it a major expenditure for most households in a climate where heating occurs 6 months of the year. would this not put money in the poor people’s pockets as well as giving the rich more to spend on other items that are taxed? plus, what a great incentive for homes to be built or converted to electric heating. we did sign the kyoto accord, didn’t we?
ok. someone can now tell me why this is not economically sound or wouldn’t help the target population. go ahead. but remember, that i haven’t heard very many other solutions proposed recently…other than constructing homes/apartments for low-income families with better insulation – which seems to be working on the same principle.

2 thoughts on “its grey both outside and in…

  1. Good plan heather. Only problem is that as soon as you make Hydro a non-taxable item, it will become almost impossible to put a tax BACK on it if oil prices should fall. Not to mention the fact, that it represents a fall in government revenues which, as we all know, the Quebec government cannot stand. (Note, for example, whatever her name’s new office that was built a few years back, costing some ridiculously high amount). In economic terms it does make sense, but at the same time, you also have to consider current currency rates. Make hyrdo non-taxable, ok… but then what if the canadian dollar gets stronger? We then begin making less money on exports, the item isn’t taxed anymore, and uh oh, then a real problem could hit.

    Good idea nonetheless though 🙂

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