food for thought


some random tidbits that you might find worth pondering:
(a) has anyone seen the passion of the christ? it was brought up that mel gibson has the best medieval conception of violence and that, after seeing the passion of the christ, if you re-watch braveheart, you will realize that william wallace is actually christ. interestingly enough, i just read the court proceedings for his case and execution and it is completely contradictory to the movie. you can read it here.
(b) after listening to professor krantz talking about how petrarch would make multiple copies of each letter he wrote and send it to his other patrons too, i came to the conclusion that petrarch was the first blogger. hmmm. should i re-name this blog “a foray into the neo-Petrarchian” to mimick Bryan’s sally into relationships? I love Petrarch. it’s so pretty. not deep. but pretty and wise.
(c) when very bored in roman empire the other day, i was reading an article on google. wow. it is really awesome. the use a whole bunch of pcs connected together. that’s why it almost never crashes. and they went public when they were already really rich. it’s pretty awesome and as google is a search-engine we all know and love, i highly suggest taking a look-sy: at the london book review.
(d) also when bored in roman empire the other day, i read a review on the fat girl’s guide to life. i will not be reading that book. everyone knows that i am on a diet, and i think the review, which criticized the book for being both superficial and hypocritical (why do those two always go together) ponted out what is generally wrong with north american eating habits. the author points out that her grandmother used to say “i’ve had sufficient” when offered a second portion. we have forgotten the meaning of sufficient and can only conceive of full. this is true. i think. i am now telling myself that i have had sufficient…i have lost 3 lbs by they way and am feeling better for it. you can find the article at this address should you feel the need.
ok enough link providing. i hope you feel enlightened. i know i do…


3 thoughts on “food for thought

  1. A> Yeah it was what I had been saying forever, but it was just really sharp and kinda painful last night.

    B> I think her name’s Fiona? No chance though, I dont even talk to the girl.

    C> Passion of the Christ is horrible. It reminds me of the Eisenheim Altarpiece. For me that is ABSOLUTELY not what Christianity or any religion is about. The violence is part of it, sure, but it really belies far more about us than about the institution or whatever. The wallace thing is neat though.

  2. I think I read the same article on Google a couple of days ago. Did you read the part about all the “evil stuff” that they could potentially do with their technology, since they’re able to censor searches from China? It’s pretty mind-boggling stuff.

  3. So I was wondering what part of the text contradicted the movie. And more importantly, you do realize that text is a history of England. You like studying history, you know history is written by the victors. Obviously they’re going to bad-mouth those who opposed them. To a Brit, Wallace was a demon, to a Scot, he was a hero. Who is right?
    And I did enjoy the passion of the christ, even though i’m not a christian. and I fail to see how it was anti-semitic. but that’s a discussion for another day

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