bubble tea and me


i like bubble tea, but i don’t like tapioca. so, i guess i don’t really like bubble tea. i like smoothies.
am in roman empire right now. the professor is doing the most cursory summary of all the imperial rulers ever. what is the point of this?
i spoke to a prof this morning about a paper. five library books and one reference book later…i have a plan for the paper. which is good because there is a proposal due next week with a bibliography.
other than that, i went out for bubble tea with quite a large group.
yesterday i watched the 40 year old Virgin. What is up with that movie having a general rating? i don’t think i’ve ever seen that much frontal nudity before. and the language…it was funny. i liked it, but the rating was very bogus.
i am too tired from my cold to write more. i should, but i won’t. i will regret this decision in about ten minutes when i have nothing else to do, but for now i am giving up.


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