it may be winter – but the sun’s still bright


i just tried looking at the sun. stupid. now there is a big black spot in front of my eyes. i wanted to see if it was still outside my window, just not bright enough to be casting a stream into my room – answer to my question is yes. it is nice that at 4:12 the sun is still visible out my window. it is one of the factors that i am looking forward to most on the cruise ship: not spending my days in the dark.
this morning’s breakfast with Lisa was a jolly good time. we talked. she nagged me for being on a diet. we talked some more. i ordered a healthy breakfast, which was excellent, and she doesn’t eat her potatoes, so i ate those too. i brought about half of my granola wth yougurt, apples and pears home to eaten this afternoon around 2. yummy. we then went shopping. i bought camisoles and a sweatshirt w/ matching scarf for !4$!. Yup. four dollars. i also bought myself a mattress cover, the kind made of egg carton stuff, which caused my Mom to take it from me as soon as i got in the house and tell me she would return it. she then ordered me a new mattress. my parents and i have been having this argument for months now. i finally gave in. of course, i still have like another week of discomfort now when i could be sleeping on a cloud this evening. i might keep the mattress pad and not let her return it. it will fit on my new bed too right?
i just woke up from a nice, hour long nap with the beautiful Booey. i am trying to beat this impending sickness with lots of fluids and napping. he has not given up however and is now curled up in a ball at my feet. what a doll. i will keep you posted on my illness. back to readings. tata for now.


2 thoughts on “it may be winter – but the sun’s still bright

  1. Hey you. Just so you know, you should read the comments on Lisa’s Blog. I think you just initiated a 21st century Punic war of ideas. Though, I shotgun Carthage (for the obvious reasons). After talking to Krantz for a bit, I decided my 494 oral will be on Guicciardini. Though, for the hell of it, I decided that although the histories would be fun, I’m going to do my oral on his “Ricordi” or Memoirs. What’s fun is that none of them have been translated into english so i’ll be picking my brains out on the Italian. Krantz said he’d advise me as to which ones to look at. Anywhee, check the blog soonish, I plan an update tonight. Yay for not too much renaissance readings this week !

  2. Off the topic of the apparent war… I’m happy your getting a new mattress. When I got my new bed when I moved into the apt. it was like Heaven…

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