Who Woulda Thought?


The other night my Dad challenged the use of the word “gluey” to describe the back of a linoleum tile. of course, smart ass that i am, i immediately ran to the good old laptop and looked it up on the OED online. Yes, gluey is a word for those of you that were wondering. other interesting tidbits i discovered while mocking my parents at the kitchen table
(a) supercalifragilisticexpiali’docious is spelt with an apostrophe. and no, it was not invented in Mary Poppins.
(b) book-keeper is spelt with a hyphen. my grandfather has been telling us all for years that it’s not spelt bookeeper but bookkeeper – he was half-right.
(c) lunch-time is also spelt with a hyphen.
On another front, i have been looking into a masters in administrative science at the John Molson School of Business as a fall-back plan to Yale, Princeton or Oxford. The stats are supposedly a 100% placement rate before graduation and an average starting salary of $85000. Am i the only person who thinks that sounds too good to be true? My Dad suggested i call them up and ask if i can speak to a graduate about the program. i think i might.
Lastly, asides from the hurt knees and ankles i am apparently coming down with a cold. i am starting to get coughing fits. just dandy.
well, my tea has probably steeped and since i have already managed to be relatively productive today, i figure i should continue on with that trend. particularly considering i am supposed to see Lisa tomorrow and she is maybe going to be lending us the Gilmore Girls Season V. I think i am going to do some readings for Violence and Order from 1300-1500. I have scanned and done word lists for the latin passage i have, i only have to actually translate now, and i finished this week’s assignment for Italian Renaissance.
Lastly revisits again – i went to coffee hour for the first time yesterday. it was fun talking to the people i got to chat with, eating cheese and crackers, chocolate and veggies and dip. yum. i hope to be able to go again before the end of semester. maybe i will quit working at triple five. who knows?

4 thoughts on “Who Woulda Thought?

  1. Business…. I don’t know… it’d have to be as a prop up to something worthwhile and useful :p Also, WAIT, ASSIGNMENT for Renaissance?!?!? We didn’t have any homework did we? (Reading = doesn’t count, by assignment I mean handed in dealy and if there is one then how come I don’t know!)

  2. To tell you the truth, one of the main reasons why the JMSB’s graduate program’s got a supposedly 100% placement rate is because there are very few people who actually choose to take this program.

    The quality of teaching is pretty good, but reputation-wise, JMSB sucks, no matter how many commerce games and case competitions we win. But if you do decide to take a masters degree with JMSB, I strongly suggest that you register for a course with Gad Saad. He teaches the practical application of evolutionary psychology in marketing and consumer behaviour.

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