procrastination prevention


i do not like to post more than once a day, so i figure by posting now, i will avert my desire to blog instead of writing the paper i am currently supposed to be writing.
watched the transporter 2 last night with steve. it was so bad it was funny. that an average joe is supposed to be that fantastic is incredible. spiderman maybe, but not a mercenary. gimme a break.
i have already done some reading for my history of the roman empire class (test wednesday), laundry and wrapped me Dad’s present (it’s his birthday today). i am not going to break for lunch until this paper is done and satisfactory. it could be a while. i do not even have an outline yet. i need an outline.
i am currently listening to instrumental jazz (coltrane and ellington). it is supposed to be motivating. i am not sure as to it’s efficacity.


3 thoughts on “procrastination prevention

  1. well hello there…good to hear you are trying to motivate yourself. I am too. I do not have much to do, but I would like to recopy, finish my french exercises, and al of that. Let me know when we can make a phone date it would be nice to talk once and a while, even though I know you are super busy…

  2. i know this is many days late but you haven’t updated since sunday, so i figured i’d comment. he’s not just some ordinary joe. he’s former british special forces. the SAS are one of the top special forces in the world, along with the SEALs and the russian group, but i can’t remember their name. i just know they practice Sambo, which is an extremely deadly martial art focusing on breaking limbs and maiming your opponent. and funny enough, we watched the same movie within 24 hours of each other. it’s like we’re meant to be

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