Damn that Lisa, Part 2 (aka boing boing goes the bouncy ball as it drops of the table)


ok. so. i am sitting at home nice and calmly after being beaten by my Dad at chess and i say to myself, “self, you know you will end up watching the last two episodes of the Gilmore Girls Season IV anyways over the week-end, so you might as well get it over with now instead of pining for a day and a half before giving in…” bad idea. i have now been thrown from the incredible high of “this is the best way to end a season, i will so be able to finish my homework on this glorious, optimistic high” to “aaaaarrrrrggggggg!!!!”
great. i am doomed. this is lisa’s fault. she should not have told me it was a good season and that i should watch it. veronica is also culpable. damn you all, you gilmore girls lovers.
on another angst-filled rant, my body has apparently reverted back to that of a 14 year old’s since i have switched from depo-provera to the pill. i have broken out, my hair is oily and i can smell myself. i mean, do you remember in high school when everyone went around wondering if you could smell them, because they could smell themselves? i had forgotten about that stage. i thought i smelt a little like caramel today, which would have been okay if it had been related to a skin product or something, but NO!!! i just smelt like caramel. it wasn’t cool. plus, i have sprained my ankle, limping has caused my knee to begin hurting again, and i feel fat. in other words…i am not attractive. please do not tell me how gorgeous i am bryan in response to that. it is all about how you feel inside and i feel yicky.
ok. enough of that. i must get work done…i must, i must, i must increase my bust…whoa, wrong mantra….another revision to being 14 again (oh wait, i still don’t have any boobs….hmmmm….maybe i gave up too soon). do i sound like i am losing my mind, because i am losing my mind. i should not be permitted this whole stream of conciousness bit. this is what happens. i need to stop. i should stop. but i can’t. i just keep going and going and going (how many times will i write going? will it ever end?)
*reflective pause*
Lisa: if that were a monologue, could you perform it? you should try, i would love to see you do me. the whole “i’m heather bit.” it would be great. wait. i don’t have a sense of humour. i would be crushed. scratch that idea.
i’m hungry. my tummy is rumbling. that might be because for dinner i had yellow beans, a fruit cup and two cups of tea. i am on a diet remember. plus, the other alternative was soup, but i didn’t feel like it.
we had good food at lunch today. it was kim’s last day before maternity leave. i added the 2nd half of the title of this blog halfway through the previous sentence. if only i could channel this energy into something constructive. but no, it is doomed to be wasted. like my youth, my good looks, my brains (do i even have the two)?
apparently the bank doesn’t think i am good for a $20, 000 line of credit, even if it is to study abroad. If i were in a (check this) TECHNICAL PROGRAM i would be. WHAT? if i were paying an exorbant sum to be a blue-collar worker in Quebec you would lend me 20K, but do get a masters and phd from a university like oxford, i obviously won’t ever be able to pay that back as well as, say, a car mechanic. there is no respect in this place for higher learning. the woman at the bank i spoke to on the phone didn’t even know what ‘classics’ were. may she rot in hell.
i feel better now.


One thought on “Damn that Lisa, Part 2 (aka boing boing goes the bouncy ball as it drops of the table)

  1. i would love to see you do me – may i just say good call on this one…what bank did you go to…i have a 16,000$ line of credit…and it is a fruitless -signed program…but i co-signed with my mom. PLus td gives you 20 yrs to pay it off once you are done studying…

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